Dr. Tracy Kennedy is an alumnus of Brock University, with a Masters in Sociology from York University, and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto. Her education in Sociology, Cultural Studies, Classics, Literature, Art & Architecture, stemmed from an early interest in people, what they are all about – as individuals and as groups, and what makes them who they are.

Tracy is an Empath, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, Published Author, Public Speaker, Spiritual Educator, and owner of The Spiritual Spa and Shiva Gian Yoga in Niagara Falls, Canada. Tracy provides insight and guidance using her Empathic Psychic skills and Mediumship abilities. She has been reaching out and teaching Empaths how to use their gifts and abilities for six years, most recently – “Essential Practices for Empaths” taught at Lily Dale Assembly, in New York  in 2017 and 2018. Tracy is currently working on a book for Empaths, gathering the threads of all her workshops, classes, and experiences as an Empath together into one publication for your healing journey. Stay tuned!

Connect with Tracy to answer your questions about what it means to be an Empath in today’s world, join a Yoga practice, schedule a reading or healing session, or have Tracy join you at a special event or home gathering.

Services Tracy currently offers –
(service fees include 13% HST)

Empath Reading
Tracy uses her Empath abilities to feel and relay psychic information, and to share insight from your deceased loved ones. Reading Emotions held in the body (both positive and negative), she provides guidance in identifying and releasing old patterns and ways of thinking that are not working for you. Tracy works with Spirit to provide you with what you need to know at this time for your journey. Empath Readings are held in person at The Spiritual Spa or via the phone/Skype.
15 minutes $25 (phone only)
30 minutes $50 (phone only)
45 minutes $75 (in person or phone)
60 minutes $100 (in person or phone)

* email Tracy to schedule.

Reiki & Empathic Energetics Healing Session
A Reiki & Empathic Energetics Healing session works with energy on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and includes: Smudging & Clearing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Attunement with the Vibroacoustics of Tuning Forks, Full body Reiki Energy Healing, and Empathic Psychic Feedback about the Chakras and physical body. Empathic Energetics is a healing modality that Tracy has created with Spirit, which works specifically with emotional energy in the physical body. Reading Emotions held in the body (both positive and negative), Tracy identifies and helps release emotional energies in the body that are not serving you. The session is both relaxing and refreshing. If you are feeling heavy, tired, agitated, angry, stressed, worried, depressed, or anxious, this is a good session to do.
60 minutes $80

* email Tracy to schedule.

*Distance Healing* is also available. Please contact Tracy for details.

Reading & Healing Combination
This session combines the Reiki & Empathic Energetics healing session and Empath Reading.
90 minutes $125

* email Tracy to schedule.

Ask an Empath – Consultation and Mentoring Sessions
This is a session that allows you to ask questions about your life (relationships, work, finances, health), and get feedback and insight from an Empathic Psychic Medium. This session can also be used for those who are seeking knowledge on how to progress with their own spiritual path or for those who are looking for some insight into their life purpose. Consultations can also include learning tools and skills to help you understand and navigate your intuitive and/or empathic gifts, help you learn grounding and protection methods, or to show you how to focus and enhance your psychic abilities. Mentoring is intended for those who feel they need guidance and insight with their path, and to set the groundwork for their spiritual work (usually more than one session). This is type of session is not a reading, but rather a discussion based on your needs at this time, with guidance from Spirit as always. Empath Consultation sessions are held in person or on the phone/Skype.
15 minutes $25 (phone only)
30 minutes $50 (phone only)
45 minutes $75 (in person or phone)
60 minutes $100 (in person or phone)

Email Tracy to schedule.

Additional Services:
House Clearing & Land Clearing
Platform Mediumship/Gallery Readings
House Parties and Social Events
Private Certification Classes for all levels of Usui Reiki
Private Certification Classes for Crystal Healing

Workshops and Seminars

In the last four years, I have taught numerous workshops and seminars on various Spiritual and Metaphysical topics. My most recent focus is teaching Empaths to thrive and flourish. I am currently teaching “Essential Practices for Empaths” at Lily Dale Assembly, New York during the summer season. I hold monthly evenings of healing and insight for Empaths that are scheduled around the Moon cycle and Astrological events, in addition to a Seer’s Circle for people to practice their psychic mediumship.

Community Service (No fees):
Paranormal Investigations
This service is for those who want to understand things that are going on in their homes or workplace. Paranormal Investigations are not for entertainment, and are conducted with the upmost respect for the deceased and the Spirit world. My role in these investigations is act as a bridge between the physical and non-physical world, convey messages if needed, give insight and understanding, and help any deceased in need to cross over. The intention here is understanding and healing. Visit Niagara Paranormal Research on Facebook for more details.

Investigative Mediumship
Working with Cold Cases, Missing Persons, ongoing investigations. Confidential and anonymous.

To book an appointment with Tracy: please use email at this time Voicemail is currently being checked every other day.