Tracy only has a handful of openings left for 2022.  Please email to check availability.

Energy Healing Sessions

Tracy is a Reiki Master and creator of Empathic Energetics™ – a healing modality especially for Empaths. These healing sessions include energy work on the body – grounding, clearing, releasing, amplifying, recharging, transforming –  and feedback on what your body is trying to tell you. Tracy is a “Biological Psychic”™ and able to psychically read emotional energies that are stored in the body. She uses this as a tool to help you work through barriers and challenges in your life and validate the things that do work for you.

60 minute in-person Healing Session $90

Empath Readings

Tracy uses her Empath abilities to sense, feel, identify and relay psychic information. Reading Emotions held in the body, she provides you with guidance in identifying and releasing old patterns and ways of thinking that are not working for you – and validating what is working for you. Tracy works with Spirit to provide you with what you need to know at this time for your journey, with insights and practical suggestions on how to move forward. Tracy may also share insights from your deceased loved ones as a Medium – someone who acts as a bridge between living and non-living worlds to offer guidance.

30 minute Empath Reading $70;  60 minute Empath Reading $120

Ask an Empath – Consultation

This is a session that allows you to ask questions about your life, whether it is relationships, work, finances, health or some insight into your life purpose, and receive feedback and information from an Empath Expert and Psychic Medium. Are you seeking knowledge on how to progress with their own spiritual path or looking for some insight into your life purpose? Bring your list of questions and ask Tracy for Spirit feedback.

30 minute Consultation $70;  60 minute Consultation $120

Empath Mentoring Sessions

Consultations can also include learning tools and skills to help you understand and navigate your intuitive and/or empathic gifts, help you learn grounding and protection methods, or to show you how to focus and enhance your psychic abilities. Mentoring is intended for those who feel they need guidance and insight with their path, and to set the groundwork for their spiritual work (usually more than one session). This is type of session is not a reading, but rather a discussion based on your needs at this time, with guidance from Spirit as always.

One 60 minute mentoring/teaching session $120

Mentoring Program created for your journey: four 60 minute sessions $440 (save $40).

Contact me about my Special Empath Mentoring Program – The Intuitive & Psychic Empath (8 modules) & The Medium & Channeling Empath (8 Modules).