Class Info for April 2022

Yoga for Empaths

In person April session TBA

6:30-7:45pm $88 per person

Yoga for Empaths, created by Tracy Kennedy in 2017 – is about the experience of connecting fully to your Self – body, mind, heart, and spirit. Learn to recognize ‘how you’re feeling’ and how to navigate emotional energy effectively – your own and what surrounds you. Be guided through different kinds of meditation practices, breath-work, gentle poses that lengthen and stretch our compressed bodies, and more. Ground your week and feel more centered, calm, relaxed, decompressed, and ‘knowing’, after our weekly time together.

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The Intuitive Empath


Intuitive Empaths feel, read, and assess their energy, aura and energetic sphere, their physical bodies, and the immediate world the surrounds them. Empaths can use their intuitive abilities to gain knowledge, information, and insight into their own life experiences, and any circumstances, situations, or events that pertain to them and their life path.

When an Intuitive Empath has learned to trust their parasenses and the special language they share with Spirit, they embrace a life of living intuitively and a life that aligns more effectively to their personal journey and purpose.

This all day class is for you if you want to understand and use your Empathic Intuition with more depth and precision or for the Intuitive Empath who wants to add to their Spiritual Toolbox!

I’ll show you how:

  • to trust yourself and honour your insights
  • to understand the ways you receive your intuitive information
  • to translate the special language you share with Spirit
  • to create your own ‘Spirit Dictionary’ of this language
  • to strengthen your parasenses and connection to Spirit
  • to enhance your relationship with your personal Spirit Team
  • to ‘read’ for yourself in different ways
  • to ‘lean-in’ and Live Intuitively

A combination of theory and instruction, practical application, and experiential exercises will be used during our Zoom-time together. You’ll also receive additional home-study material and journaling reflections that support you and Living Intuitively as an Empath.

Payment is required at registration. Before the class you’ll receive an introductory email, which includes an opportunity for you to share some thoughts and ask any questions you may have about your Empathic intuition. Components of the course will be crafted to your questions and needs.

All slides, handouts, worksheets, and course material will be provided in digital format to you in the class. The class will be recorded and you’ll be sent a link to the recording for viewing and downloading to your device.

Join me! Follow the Feels & Live by the Feels!

Wisdom of the Winged Ones – A look at Bird Shamanism


This unique class brings our ancient relationship with Birds and the practice of Augury into the everyday. If you feel that you have a special connection with the winged ones and would like to explore what it means and how to work with these Bird energies as an Empath – you’ll learn:

  • An overview of the history between Humans and Birds
  • Ancient Feathered Dragons & Bird Medicine Origins
  • Symbolisms, Meanings, Messages, and Initiations
  • Working with Birds – Divination, Augury, Ceremony & Ritual

Understand your connection to the Bird Kingdom more deeply, and work with the wisdom of the Winged Ones more effectively – like our Ancestors did before us. Perhaps you know you are a Bird person and want to know more about what that means, or maybe you have questions about why Birds and/or Bird ‘things’ keep showing up for you? Join me and find out!

Private Classes – either in person or online via Zoom.

Usui Reiki Certification Classes

At this time, private Reiki certification classes are available, which allows you to work around your own schedule. Private classes are a way to ensure your personal Spiritual needs are met, as students come to Reiki with different experience levels, personal challenges, and questions. Private classes allow Tracy to go through the Reiki teachings one on one with you, so that she can show you how to utilize the teachings in your own life, and answer your own questions about Reiki specifically and the Spiritual world broadly in a safe environment. Some of these courses are also available online/by digital correspondence.

Level 1 Usui Reiki Certification Class  ~Learn to Connect with Energy~
Reiki Level One teaches about self-healing, which involves taking responsibility for your own health and well-being.

The first part of Level One Reiki offers insight and instruction into Mikao Usui’s healing system called Reiki, and is primarily focused on Self-Healing: What is Usui Reiki? The history of Usui Reiki, Lineage, Reiki Principles & Beliefs, Uses & Benefits. Learning How to do Reiki – How to treat Self, Animals, Objects & Areas

The second part of the Level 1 helps you to understand the energetic world more broadly, and the energy of emotions specifically – as it relates to you. In this second section I share ways of developing your own system of healing, using my Empathic Energetics™ modality as a guide.  Course fee includes Course Reading Package & Manual, Certificate upon completion, and continued post-class guidance, help and mentoring. A Private two hour class is $200. This course can also be taken online/by correspondence.

Level 2 Usui Reiki  Certification Class ~Learn to Call Energy~
Reiki Level 2 teaches how to give treatments to other people. You will also learn use the Reiki symbols to enhance and focus your Reiki energies, and you will also learn how to send Reiki across a distance to people, animals, places, or situations. With this certification you will be a Reiki Practitioner who can give treatments to others. You will also learn what it means to be an Empath and a Healer and what this means to your Reiki Practice, such as the ability to sense and interpret emotional energies in your clients.
Learning How to do Reiki:
-How to treat Others,  Objects & Areas
-Interpreting Energy, Intuitive & Empathic interpretation
-Understanding Energy, Human Anatomy & the Biology of Emotions
Learning the Reiki Symbols:
-Powering-up the Energy, Absentee & Distance Treatments, Emotional & Mental clearing
Tools for Reiki Practitioners
-Creating a client session that works best for you
-Confidentiality, Ethics & Responsibility, Keeping Client Records
-Energy exercises, Reiki uses
-Continuing your Inner Work, Case Studies, Journaling
Course fee includes:Course Reading Package & Level Two Manual, Certificate upon completion, and continued post-class guidance, help and mentoring. A Private two hour class is $250.

Usui Reiki Master Practitioner (Level 3) Certification Class ~Learn to Become the Energy~
This class is for Level Two Reiki practitioners who are interested in mastering their Usui Reiki skills to become a Reiki Master Practitioner. In this class you will:
*Review the key concepts in Level I & Level II Usui Reiki
*Discuss the embodiment of Reiki Energy
*Be attuned to the Master Symbols
*Learn how to draw the Master Symbols
*Learn how to apply the Master Symbols to your Reiki Healing practice
*Learn advanced Reiki Healing techniques – both traditional and non-traditional
*Advanced Human Anatomy & the Biology of Emotions
*Learn more about how your Empath abilities and senses give you insightful feedback about your client
As part of the Level Three Certification Class, you are asked to complete ten case studies as part of the certification, showing your knowledge and mastery of giving Reiki Treatments. These cases will be discussed at a follow up meeting, and then certification is awarded.
Course fee includes refreshments, Course Reading Package & Manual, Level III Usui Reiki Practitioner Certificate upon completion, and continued post-class guidance, help and mentoring. A private Usui Reiki Master Practitioner Course is $350 and runs two hours for initial class (45-60 min follow up of case studies to be arranged after completion via video chat or phone).

Usui Reiki Master Teacher (Level IV) Certification Class ~Learn to Exude the Energy~
This class is intended for Master Practitioners who are interested in sharing Usui Reiki knowledge with others in a teaching capacity.
In this class you will:
*Review the key teachable concepts in Level I & Level II Usui Reiki
*Review concepts, symbols & case studies from Level III Master Practitioner
*Learn & practice the Attunement Process
*Learn how to teach Usui Reiki to others
*Ethics & Responsibilities
*Understanding what it means to teach, mentor, counsel, lead; sharing wisdom & knowledge
*Fine tuning your Empath abilities for teaching students
*Self-care as a teacher and leader
*Create a Mission statement to focus your Spiritual Practice & Discipline
*Create an outline of your Level 1 Manual
As part of the Master Teacher Certification Class, you are asked to complete six case studies and complete a short written composition as part of the certification, showing your mastery of giving Reiki Treatments, and how you might provide knowledge and insight to your students from your own healing experiences. The cases and composition will be discussed at a follow up meeting, and then certification is awarded.
Course fee includes Course Reading Package & Manual, Usui Reiki Master Teacher Certificate upon completion, and continued post-class guidance, help and mentoring. A private Usui Reiki Master Teacher is $400 and runs about three hours (two hour follow up of case studies and written assignments to be arranged after completion).

 Overview of Workshops & Classes 2017-2021

Self Care for Empaths

The Empathic Psychic Medium

The Empathic Healer

The Manifesting Empath

Investigative Psychic Mediumship™

2013 – 2017

This is a list of some of the Classes, Seminars, and Workshops Tracy has taught between 2013 – 2017. If you are interested in one of these for a private group teaching, please contact Tracy.

Introduction to Mindfulness Nov 2017
Essential Practices for Empaths (Lily Dale, NY) Aug 2017, 2018
Fairy Crafts April 2017
An Evening of Healing with the Pleiadians Nov 2016
Fairy Crafts June 2016
The World Of Fairies (Make a Fairy Garden) April 2016
Meditative Mornings Feb 2016
Crystals for your Emotions Feb 2016
Mandalas as Spiritual Practice Nov 2015
Wisdom of the Winged Ones Oct 2015
Navigating & Developing Your Empathic Abilities Aug 2015
Power Animals & Animal Totems July 2015
Parenting Spiritual Children July 2015
Spiritual Protection May 2015
How to Read & Interpret Oracle Cards May 2015
The Fairy World Apr 2015
Plants And Spiritual World Apr 2015
Astral Travel and Remote Viewing Mar 2015
Archangels and Spirit Communication Feb 2015
Pendulums and Past Lives Jan 2015
Creating Crystal Grids Dec 2014
An Evening with the Pleiadians Nov 2014
Dowsing Rods as a Divination Tool Nov 2014
Opening up to Channel Nov 2014
Vibroacoustic Healing Om Fork Oct 2014
Exploring Sensory Perceptions Oct 2014
Angels and Auras October 2014
Metatron and Sacred Geometry Sept 2014
Healing with Crystals – Protection Sept 2014
Working with Ascended Masters Aug 2014
Indigos Crystal Rainbow Children Aug 2014
Energy Healing Your Pets July 2014
Connecting with Nature’s Angels June 2014
The Om Tuning Fork June 2014
Manifesting Abundance with Angels June 2014
Raise Your Vibrational Frequency June 2014
Animal Angels May 2014
Earth Angels May 2014
An Evening with Angels Part Three May 2014
An Evening with Angels Part Two Apr 2014
An Evening with Angels Part One Apr 2104
Grounding and Protection Apr 2014
Healing with Crystals – Protection Mar 2014
Developing Empathic Abilities Mar 2014
Navigating Empathic Abilities Feb 2014
Introduction to Sacred Smudging Sept 2013