Re-Building Community

Worth reading. Have a tissue box handy. I’m still weepy after reading this.

“We built a world for convenience, not community.”

We need to challenge our notion of ‘community’ and what that really means. We need love. We need compassion. We need camaraderie. Community is not just a place and space, but a feeling of connection and belonging. It’s a feeling that many people do not have in their lives.

What can YOU do in your day to create this feeling of community connection?

Saying hello, smiling at someone, holding a door open, random acts of kindness for strangers, offering a compliment, making eye contact, small talk…how hard can it be?

Sometimes all it takes is to NOTICE. Sometimes all a person needs is to be noticed, to be seen, to be felt, an acknowledgment of existence. I SEE you. I FEEL you.

We can’t notice if we are not PRESENT. If we are not fully AWARE, we are not in the NOW.

When we are not PRESENT and AWARE in the NOW, we cannot help Self, nor can we effectively serve and help others – because we are somewhere else.

My challenge to all of you is to BE: be aware, be present – and just notice. And when you do notice, I encourage you to FEEL what you become aware of, because it is only then that true social change will occur.

We need to reignite the connection with one another, as we are far too disconnected. So, my call to all fellow Empaths (known and unknown) is to un-numb yourselves, come out of social hibernation and hermit-mode – and Serve.

We need you to awaken so that we can start emotionally connecting with each other again, and so that we can start acknowledging each others existence again. Empaths will be the bridges of this transition, the liaisons, the facilitators of a changing ideology.

We need ‘awakened’ Empaths out there for the collective – holding space and listening to the strangers who tell their life stories or troubles – no matter where we are.

We need awakened Empaths who can understand and help convey what people are going through and experiencing (because we feel it with them).

We will teach the world to FEEL again (and that it’s ok to do so), and to have compassion, respect and love for each another. In my opinion, this is our natural state. The thought (and feeling) of so many desolate, lonely, and disconnected individuals out there who think no one cares, makes me weep.

Empaths might just be the catalysts for this huge shift, transformation, and social change – Are you up for it?
I am.



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